Presentation Skills Training – 5 Guiding Principles to Become a Great Public Speaker

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10 Tips to Help You Deliver the Best Speech of Your Life!

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-3090 thumbnail-post" style="margin-right: 10px;" title="Impactful Public Speaking Tips" alt="Impactful Public Speaking Tips" src="http://earnestlyspeaking viagra einzeln” width=”280″ height=”186″ />Public speaking is the act of speaking in front of  a group of individuals in an open forum, private conference or in a well defined manner for the intention of informing, teaching, influencing, advising or entertaining the audience.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the 10 pointers you’ll want to keep in mind on how to overcome your public speaking fears as well as deliver an impactful and powerful speech and presentation.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The first thing to take into consideration will be, knowing that the people want you to succeed. Tthe audience does not want you to let them down, listeners want you to be appealing, inspiring, educative, and entertaining, meaning they are on your side.

Second, familiarize yourself with the place; meaning know the place in which you will speak in. Reach the place early enough, stroll around the speaking arena at the same time exercise using the microphone as well as any visual items.

Third, familiarize yourself with the audience. Acknowledge some of the addressees as they turn up to the place, in that it is easier to have a word to a crowd of pals than to a group of unfamiliar persons.

Fourth, create in your mind yourself giving yourself a speech. That is to say operate from your individual brand, visualize yourself communicating, your tone of voice deafening, audible, and confident, when imaging yourself as victorious, you will be automatically successful.

Fifth, understand your material; put into practice your speech and rework as much as possible. If you have not recognize your material or you are unsure with them, it increases apprehension which is bad for public forum.

Sixth, give attention to the message — not the medium. Concentrate away from your own nervousness and externally towards your own points and your audience, thus uneasiness will fritter away. Seventh point, relax; ease worrying by doing workouts.

Eighth, gain experience. Fluency creates self-assurance, which every one knows is the key to successful speaking, for instance, clubs can make available the practice you need.

Ninth point, revolve tenseness into optimistic energy. strap up your nervous force and convert it into strength and passion for talking to the public.

The tenth and final point for delivering a successful speech is – DO NOT apologize. If you talking about your uneasiness or asking for forgiveness for any tribulations of speaking you think you got with your speech, you might be bringing the listeners attention to a point they were not aware of.

In conclusion, for someone to overcame public speaking fears you need to be the boss, the head, the entertainer as well as the listener to succeed.

Again, we found out that audience does not want you to let them down, listeners want you to be appealing, inspiring, educative and with all this you got to use oratory in your speech, the use of gestures in a speech, be in command of your voice (inflection),nice use of vocabulary, register good command of grammar, word choice speaking notes, pitches of using humor and the last one in public speaking workshop is to develop a rapport with the listeners

Ernest Chen in Shanghai’s Lighthouse Toastmaster Club!

With President Lighthouse Toastmasters ClubShanghai, a place of delicious food, beautiful sceneries and friendly people. During my trip there, I visited one of the Toastmaster Club in Shanghai – Lighthouse.

At the Lighthouse Toastmasters Club, I gave a 25 minutes impromptu talk on The Power of Rhetoric and the crowd loved it!

Below is the email sent to me by the Vice-President of Education, Julian Yang.

“Dear Ernest,

This is Julia Yang, VPE of  Lighthouse. I am so glad that you came to our club and gave us such an excellent sharing.

Your sharing is both educational and entertaining, truly lightening up our Saturday afternoon.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

We learnt so much from you. We all like it very much and hope that we can listen to your speech in the future.I am sure that our member will use anaphora,  epistrophe and other rhetorical devices in their speech from now on.

Next time, when you are going to pay a visit to Shanghai, be sure to contact us in advance. We like you very much 😀

Remember, there is a TMC club in Shanghai that has extremely good meeting atmosphere, there is a TMC club in Shanghai that has friendly members, there is a TMC club in Shanghai that called Lighthouse.

Wish you a pleasant trip!”

If you’re planning to visit Shanghai in the near future, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Lighthouse Toastmasters Club, a club that has “extremely good meeting atmosphere” and “friendly members

Ernest Chen in Lighthouse Toastmasters Club in Shanghai

Singapore Public Speaking Coach Ernest Chen’s Table Topics on 9th Apr 2012

<object width="480" height="360" classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia shanghai,0,40,0″>

What you will do if you see a drowning criminal in a river? Will you risk your life saving a criminal’s life?

This was the table topic posted to me during Toastmasters Club of Singapore weekly chapter meeting on 9th April 2012.

Will you jump in and save the criminal? Or will you stand by the side and see a man drowned to his death?

So what will you do?

Watch the below video and see how Distinguished Toastmaster Ernest Chen will handle such situation!

Wish To Become an Accomplished Public Speaker Like Ernest?

If you think that good and accomplished public speakers are born, not made, then you’re wrong!

Those who can confidently give persuasive, inspirational and informative speeches, are not necessary people who are being bestowed with the talent and gift. Instead, majority of them are the persistence individuals who took the time and energy to learn from the right public speaking master and persuasive communicator.

Check out Distinguished Toastmaster and public speaking coach Ernest Chen’s highly acclaimed Singapore public speaking courses:

Ernest Chen Wishes Everyone Happy National Day!

9th August 2011 spells the 46th birthday of Singapore and on 8th September, Ernest celebrated Singapore’s Independence Day with the rest of the Toastmasters at the Toastmasters Club of Singapore.

Being voted as the Best Table Topic Speaker , Ernest spoke about the dreams and aspirations of Singapore – whether big or small, whether from the heart or from the head and whether achievable or not; as long as we do it for the people and the country and with our sincere spirit; the nation will benefit and the country will grow.

Ernest encouraged all Singaporeans to dream and work hard to transform our aspirations into reality viagra sicher online.

Ernest Chen Best Table Topic Speaker

Pauses Why Are They Important and How to Correctly Use Them

Listening to a speech, it is very common to hear pause fillers like “er”, “um”, “ng”, “ok”, “you know”, uttered by a speaker.

These irritating words usually occur at the end of a sentence or beginning of a sentence or phrases. Why do these unnecessary words have to appear? These are the word whiskers, word clutches or pause fillers – the terms used by language communication specialists.

Worse of all, this unproductive sound usually appeared frequently during important parts of our professional life – media interview and panel discussion.

Still are pauses are important in a speech?

Why Are Pauses Important?

In fact, pause is part and parcel of a speech.  Pause is an important element of a speech. Pauses enable the speaker to breathe, to think ahead, and to enable listeners to think about what has been stated. Pauses also provide opportunities for a change of pitch. Pauses can be long, medium or short in length, depending on the situation.

When To Use Pauses?

  • Pause before you begin to speech.
  • Pause to indicate different ideas.
  • When you pause, pause clearly. Don’t let fillers punctuate your sentence.
  • When you pause, maintain eye contact with the audience. Don’t look over the audience or lift your head up, trying to recall or think of something.
  • Pauses help you to break down your thoughts into units when you speak.

An important aspect of pauses is to slow down the rate of speaking. In written communication, we use, commas, colons or full stops to separate ideas; pauses will help us to break down our thoughts into different units. Here are some of the ways where we can use pauses to highlight our message to listeners.

1. Use pauses after phrases that begin with prepositions and adverbs.

  • By the time I reached London, (pause) the game between Liverpool andChelsea was over.
  • Despite all our efforts, (pause) our team could not reachMount Everest.

2. Use pauses when giving a list of items. This is to help listeners receive the information.

  • The Success Corporation needs to relocate its office, (pause) open five new branches, (pause) recruit five more executives, (pause) and employ fifty more staff.
  • The chairman wishes to review the strategic plan, (pause) develop new processes,  (pause) revise marketing plan, (pause) and rethink the vision.

3. Uses pauses before the connecting words, such as, “and”, “that”, “but”, ‘or”, “because”, “however”, and other conjunctions.

  • Johnny is a good and honest staff, (pause) but he is always late for work.
  • I told them (pause) that there was uncertainty for early profits, (pause) yet they still poured in more money for this stock.

Always keep in mind that speaking texts and reading texts must be crafted differently. When we speak we have to look into the eyes of the audience and create rapport with them. Our eyes have to talk with their eyes; our facial expression has to enhance our verbal message. When we read, we look at the text and read aloud. Therefore, when we speak we need to pause for breath whenever there is a colon or full stop. Sometimes, in a long sentence, more pauses are needed.

Pausing Exercise 

Practise this prose and vary the length of pauses.

The darling princess is dead viagra kautabletten. She looks so radiant and bright even though she is dead. Is she asleep? No. she is dead! No sleep so beautiful and calm, so free from trace of pain, so fair to look upon. Our darling Princess Diana, so serene and so calm, motionlessly lying there peacefully awaiting her Prince Charming to come; yet there is no sign of him. Yes, she is deadFifty Shades Darker 2017 live streaming film online

Try this speech from Winston Churchill.

The whole fury and might – or the enemy – must very soon  be turned on us. Hitler knows – that he will have to break us in this island – or lose the war. If we can stand up to him – all Europe – may be free – and the life of the world may move forward – into broad sunlit uplands. – But  if we fail – then the whole world – including the United States – including all that we have known and cared for – will sink into the abyss – of a new dark age – made more sinister – and perhaps more protracted – by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore – brace ourselves to our duties – and so bear ourselves that – if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years – men will say – “This – was  their finest hour.”

Speak with pauses (as indicated by a dash -)

Can you feel the effect?

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Public Speaking Besteller Earnestly Speaking 2nd EditionWant to learn the proper techniques of public speaking, the tricks and tips to easily changing your style of delivery according to the times and needs of your listeners?

Every speaker is different, so is your audience. Great public speakers not only know how to tell wonderful and convincing stories, they are also great artist in painting images into the hearts of their listeners. And they precisely know how to adjust their speaking styles to suit their audience from different cultures and nations.

In his book, Earnestly Speaking, Ernest will show you how you can hone your public speaking skills to aid your progress in both your professional and personal life.

Earnestly Speaking is the child of Singapore’s best public speaking coach, Ernest Chen. In his book of twenty independent chapters, Ernest will hold you by your hand and walk you through the six different aspects of public speaking -ranging from preparing your speech, deciding on the most appropriate type of speech to deliver to your audience to the different modes of communication and more….

To start your dream of becoming a persuasive and entertaining public speaking without having butterflies in your stomach, visit your local bookstore and get Ernest’s public speaking bestseller, Earnestly Speaking today![/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

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