Personal Effectiveness & Personal Achievement Workshop

This is a 2-Day course on Personal Effectiveness and Achievement for all segments of people – corporate and personal.

The Trainer – Ernest Chen is a speaker, trainer, and author. He has more than 15 years of experience in teaching and training.

Methodology for Personal Effectiveness & Personal Achievement Workshop

Lecture, group participation, discussion, games, video showing andpersonality profiling.

The workshop will be divided into 4 segments.

[learn_more state=”open” caption=”Personal Effectiveness”]

This segment is designed specifically to help participants to be proactive, responsible and empowered. Workers or employees will benefit from training by learning how to live happy, contented lives while achieving personal and professional goals.

Companies ororganizations will benefit by having motivated, focused, confident employeeswho knowhow to bring added value to their work.

Take Control of Your Life

  • Who are you? Find out something about yourself. What sort of person are you?What motivate you? Understand Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
  • Do you have a dream or goal? What are your aspirations or ambitions? Do you make resolution every year?
  • Do you accept change? Are you comfortable with the current level of life? Howto fight fear and embrace change? Self-belief and self-esteem.
  • The 5 qualities of confident, empowered people. Understand how we take control of our lives. Video showing – even eagles need a push.

The Training

This part will cover Motivation, Self Esteem, Goal Setting, Manage Change and Building Confidence.


[learn_more state=”open” caption=”Group Effectiveness – Team Building”]

This segment will focus on team spirit. Work and departmental teams are the building blocks of an organization. For a team to be an effective resource in an organization, it has to work closely and collaborate with management to achieve incremental and targeted results.

Building Successful Teams

  • What makes a team effective?
  • Understanding the 4 stages of Team Development
  • Lessons from the Geese – why do geese fly in formation?
  • Team Games – Minefield, Trust Elevation or Speed Balls.

The Training

The activity will cover experiential learning through teambuilding process. How to improve interpersonal relationships within the group, resolve conflicts and build personaland group commitment to achieve key strategic results.

The participants will learn toaccept change and embrace openness. Ultimately, every participant will learn to trust oneanother for the benefit of a team.


[learn_more state=”open” caption=”Effective Communication”]

Communication is an important skill for all. Now, it is more relevant for everyone –worker or manager to be able to communicate to one or many. Oral communicationis also include listening.

Without understanding others, you cannot communicate effective to them.

This segment will focus on listening and speaking. Though it is easyto listen (as an audience) than speaking in front of an audience. However, this is animportant skill for someone who desires to be a leader.

Success on the job is often linkedto a good communication skill.

A Good Communicator Can Open the Doors

  1. Speakers are not born. This is one skill that can be learned. Not many can be extraordinary speakers but many can be good speakers.
  2. A good communicator is a better thinker, better listener and better speaker.
  3. Communication is about getting the message across and avoids misunderstanding
  4. A speaker must be able to speak instantaneously, putting his thoughts in wordsand structure them in a logical sequence so that audience will understand them

The Training

This segment will cover listening skills, speaking skills and how to overcome fear ofspeaking in front of an audience. There will be a lot of exercises and active participation.


[learn_more state=”open” caption=”Stress Management”]

Oh, Stress! This word reverberates in your head. When you experience them, you feel bad – distressed. Well, not all stress situations are bad, and some are good for us because we need a little stress to spur us on to achieve greater things.

We are all different and ourbody conditions are different. Some are more stressful than others. The good thing aboutstress is that stress can be contained and controlled. Let this workshop minimize yourstress and you can get on with your healthy life.

Take Charge of Stress and Move On

  1. What is good stress and bad stress?
  2. What stresses you?
  3. First Aids for Stress. Passive and active exercise to fight stress. Visualization journey.
  4. Stress and your relationships. Stress and your goals in life

The Training

This segment will focus on managing stress, how to identify and cope with stressfulsituations in work and in life. There will be discussions, games, exercises and groupparticipations.


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